How do you trim grape vines?

Do not be funky when trimming CORVALLIS grapes, Minerals – When grape vines lose their leaves, plants fade into the background of the winter landscape. That’s the time to perform and get out the Clippers.

January through the first of March is the season to cut your vine, Bernadine Strik. “I think it’s a good place to be,” said Berry, a berry specialist with Oregon State University expanded services. First, though, you’ll need to know how to do it properly.

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“Home grape growers don’t cut their grapes enough,” Strik said. “When gardeners cut, they should remove most of the wood produced earlier this season – until about 90 percent is pruned off.”

It’s a lot, but look this way: it’s not necessary to assess the shape and size, as when you cut back bushes and trees. The instructions are visual and illustration straight forward in the Strik guide, which includes information about all aspects of growing grapes, helping you visualize the process.

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Grapes produced from the buds to grow into shoots on 1 year year (long stems or “shoots” After that they have fruit bornes for at least a year). The most fruitful cane will be exposed to light during the growing season. These are thicker than pencils in width and as close to the stem as possible, Strik said. Describes.

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There are two types of pruning grapes – pruning and spursper. Adult plants should be cut off every year to remove all growth, except for new 1 year canned fruits and renewed spurs (cans cut back to 1-5 buds).

To cut wood, choose two to four new fruit cane per vine. Cut back each of these to leave about 15 eyes per foot for the wine grapes, leaving about 20 to 30 buds per tree. Release one or two buds of cane krath near the fruit tree with one or two buds, each of these “renewed spurs”” will produce fruit trees for the next year and thus maintain the effect close to the stems. The growth of all other salam for the growth should be eliminated.

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Most grapes produce the highest yield of good quality fruit when canned-pruned.

To stimulate perforated, perforated, porous tentacles leave two to three spurs eyes each four to six inches apart. Release no more than 20 to 80 eyes per plant, depending on the type of grape. Remove all other 1-year-old sticks.

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“If you cut properly, your vines will handle more and have better fruit,” Strik said.