How much sun do concord grapes need?

How to grow Concorde grapes for wine

Growing grapes in your own backyard can be a fun challenge for any gardener, with healthy grape vines exporting new grapes each season, you can yield a plentiful harvest of grapes, ideal for making wine or other sweets such as jelly or juice. Concorde grapes originate from Concorde. Although many other grape varieties since the start of the grape release, Concorde remains an old-fashioned favorite among backyard gardeners who want to grow grapes to make home wine.

The planting place of your choice for your Concord grapes will require full sun and efficient drainage. Full sun typically involves between six and eight hours of direct sun every day. Typically gardeners grow grapes in training rows allowing them to climb wooden frames to support vines because of the significant weight of mature grape crops, the mesh you use must be strong and safe to support the weight of climbing grapes. Choose a planting place with enough room to grow grapes between six and eight feet apart. Prepare the planting area by testing the soil with a soil meter. For optimal growth, Concorde grapes require soil with pH levels between 5.5 and 6.5. Add compost to the soil in the planting area to improve drainage and soil composition. After working the soil and compost well, you will be ready to grow grapes.

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After preparing the soil, it is time to place the grape crops in the soil. For planting the mesh, install the mesh system into the planting area by driving the poles deep into the soil. Next dig a hole for the grape plant, the distance between each hole is six and eight feet apart and about one foot away from the frame, making each hole deep and wide enough to accommodate the root system of the grape plant. Place the Concord grape crop into the hole and fill the soil back into the hole gently to finish the planting. Tap the soil tightly around the grapevine and pour them generously.

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The grape growing requires about an inch of water every 10 days. If it rains enough during this period, extra irrigation will not be necessary. However, if you do not get enough rain, you will need to water the vineyard behind your house. When watering the grapes, water about every 10 days and let the pipes drip at a slow pace to soak the soil evenly. These grapes also require fertilization throughout the growing season. Fertilize the grapes three times during the 12-week growing season, evenly spaced, using fertilizer. Carefully follow the package instructions for fertilizer use.

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Grape harvests, concord grape varieties ripe and ready to be harvested in September. You know it is time to harvest grapes by carefully watching the plants. When you see the fruit, the color changes to deep purple and the seeds become brown, the grapes are ready to pick up. Grapes should be slightly firm yet still relatively mild. You may notice birds gathering around your ripe grapes. At this time it will need to harvest grapes to prevent pests in the garden from eating all your grapes. Choose grapes by cutting the group from the vine with sharp scissors. You may also pull a light group from the grapes to choose the grapes. Once selected, keep the ripe grapes out of direct sunlight.

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Ongoing maintenance for Concord grapes to keep your Concord grapes healthy and prosperous, you will need to cut the grape stems periodically. Removing old growth before grapes start growing again in the upcoming season will allow grape crops to produce healthy new growth. When pruning, between eight and ten buds will remain on each fruit cane and remove the other growth. It is also necessary to train the table grapes to climb the frame. After gently attaching some canes to the mesh, other natural canes will also begin to climb the mesh.

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With attention to the growing demand of Concord grapes and the continued maintenance of these, grape crops should grow and grow in your backyard for many years. Even novice gardeners are likely to succeed in growing Concord grapes. You can use your abundant harvest for wine, juice, jelly, or fresh food.