How To Grow Grapes In Your Garden

Grapes are one of the top ibles that thrive in Arizona home gardens, but do you know how to grow them? It’s easier than you might think, and even the intense pruning they want to come winter isn’t as intimidating as it seems.

Which grape varieties grow best in the home garden?

One of the most abundant grape varieties for southern Arizona, according to the Daily Star of Arizona, is seedless Thompson. Medium berries are green, white, golden and often have a variety of uses to make currants. Other recommended grapes include strains (crimson berries), perlette (light green berries) and unseeded flames (red berries).

What are the ideal conditions for growing grapes?

Grapes should be planted in the sun, filled with soil, good meat and minimal clay, free of grass and weeds, which will grow the acrobatic vines. There are a wide range of varieties to choose from seasonally available at your local SummerWinds location. Grapes grown in containers can be grown through autumn, but bare root grapes must go down to the ground in winter.

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Regardless of the species, the grape crops directly in the soil never end. Many grapes should be planted six to seven feet apart by simply digging holes large enough to accommodate the root balls, removing any large stones, and filling the area around the roots with dirt and compost.

Grapes that grow on the wire

Grapes can have deep roots, growing three to four feet in the soil. During the hottest period of the year water, deep but not infrequently every seven to ten days, or whenever the top three to four inches of dry soil goes into contact. Grapes respond very well to drip irrigation systems, since grapes color their leaves in winter, they do not need to be watered during this time, unless the rain is rare. It uses 10-10-10 ounces of fertilizer per vine each year, and doubles it every three years for six years. Apply every year after that.

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Grapes grow on a frame or arbor.

Grapes can be practiced to grow on nets, fa├žade or a single post. If you plan to grow several grapes, it is best to build a mesh using a wooden pole and two rows of wire measuring 36 and 60 inches off the ground. The lower wire is used to train fruit canes called cordons, while the upper wire will support fruit sprouts yield.

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Grapes are ripe and ready to eat in July and August, but do not rely on appearance alone. Especially for varieties that produce red berries, heat can protect the color and keep the fruits green.

Heavily prunes to promote healthy grape growth

Grapes should be careful while the plant is dormant in winter. The most common mistake that many home gardeners do is not aggressive enough when cutting back on vines;

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Pruning is the most suitable method for gardening the house. Cut out as many old wood as possible to promote new growth, which is where the fruit is produced. If your grapes are trained to install the two wires described above, remove all the shoots that grow between the upper and lower wires and cut the trained shoots along the line to one eye or two each.

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Our trusted garden consultants can help you with everything from choosing the best grape varieties for your home, to buying ivy frames and answering your questions about pruning.

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